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 A welcome message from SILK x

Thank you for visiting the shop! You're here, and I'm very happy to have you. A little bit of background from me...

My name is Sophie Ivy Louise Kemp... yes, my initials spell SILK, and when I was struggling to figure out what to name my brand, I thought why make it complicated, so SILK was created.

I was (and still am) a Live Music Tour and Production Manager for all kinds of artists and events. My life was very 'ROCK AND ROLL' - one venue to the next, multiple shows at a time, never a moment to sit down, always a good level of stress hanging around... that kind of thing. Life never stopped. Then we all know what happens next...

I created SILK Jewellery because I've always loved jewellery. It's the first thing I look at when I go shopping, it makes me happy and I love to call it my own self care. The truth is, because of my fast paced job, I've never had the chance to create and try something that I've always wanted to, but the pandemic changed that. So instead of just waiting for my beloved music industry to return, I've decided to chose the creative path instead.

I love the jewellery I have created. Each bead is sewn carefully together to create colourful and eye catching designs. Making one pair of the fringe earrings can take up an entire day of precise crafting. 

As well as creating great quality jewellery, I care greatly about the environmental impact that businesses are having on the planet. Making SILK sustainable using responsible eco-friendly packaging companies, fully recyclable packaging, local small businesses for beads and making in small batches instead of creating waste, is all very important to me. SILK is a slow paced company, run by one woman (me!) and wants its impact to be as minimal as possible.

Our message is that - Life is too short to wear mass produced jewellery. Life is too short to not be kind. Be kind to the planet, be kind to people, be kind to yourself, and listen to some huge tunes while you're doing it!

Lots of love,